Pink Fire Pointer Great Free Pets - Dogs, Cats, And Other Animals

Great Free Pets - Dogs, Cats, And Other Animals

               You really can get free pets if you know where to look. But make sure you're prepared before bringing a pet into your home.

You can find free pets being offered everyday in just about any newspaper and online at websites such as Craig's List. Of course, dogs and cats are the most common animals being offered, but you'll see other types of pets too. In my local paper I've seen dogs, cats, ferrets, goats, rabbits, snakes, parakeets, tropical and marine fish, hamsters, and even horses offered for free to a good home.

Why would anyone give their pet away? There are tons of reasons. They may be moving out of town and can't take it with them. The pet may have grown too large for them to take care of. They may have a new baby or a new job that takes all of their time. Or they may simply be tired of taking care of a pet.

You'll sometimes see relatively valuable animals offered for free to a good home -- pure bred dogs and cats, pythons, ferrets, horses, etc. The owners may have tried to sell the animal, but found no takers. And if they're really desperate, they may have to give the animal away for free or turn it in to an animal shelter.

Before bringing a free pet, or any type of pet home, make sure you're prepared. All animals require a certain amount of time (some more than others) and certain basic supplies.

Proper food and feeding dishes are a universal need for almost all pets. Dogs and cats will need collars and leashes. Snakes, lizards, and most rodents will need some type of aquarium with a top. And of course a bird will require a cage. Just think and plan out exactly what you'll need and have it set up and ready before bringing your new pet home. Trust me, it's no fun having to scramble around in a panic, rounding up supplies, after you bring a new pet home.

When going out to look at a potential new pet, be sure that you choose a healthy animal. A healthy animal will have bright and alert eyes. They won't have mucous (dried or wet) around their eyes, nose or ears. And they will have healthy looking fur and/or skin, with no visible sores. Use your common sense and stay away from any animal that looks sick, unless you're prepared to pay potentially large veterinary bills. Where possible, be sure to ask the owner for a health history and any available veterinary records.

Free pets can be a wonderful thing, if you're prepared to take your time and don't be in a hurry. You might find yourself stuck with someone else's problem.